The Challenge

Create a fully optimized and mobile friendly/responsive site. It needed to not only look the part but also be effective in turning traffic into business.We were tasked in getting, via a strong SEO and Social Media campaign, rapid access to the Yacht Delivery market. With long standing, high budget competition this was no mean feat!

The Solution

Starting with Competition and Keyword Analysis, we were able to implement a lot of the SEO during the Web Design stage. Ensuring that when the site was ready to go live, the SEO process was well under way. A slick Quotation form ensured customers can quickly make enquiries, as well as application forms for Crew & Captains. ┬áSailing Yacht Delivery continues to climb in the google rankings and is now on the 1st page for all target keywords, not just in the U.K but Internationally. e.g. 3rd for “Yacht Delivery Spain”!

Fully Optimized from the start

Effective Keyword Targeting

Shareable Quality Content

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