Copywriting & Content

Great Shareable Content that will rank highly in Search Engines, but also maintain your style and readability.

Implementing what we discovered in the SEO phase, allows us to put together a long term Content Strategy. Keywords are not the only vital component here. Using advanced content analysis tools we can ensure the content on on your site is not just strong on SEO, but readable, interesting, shareable and most importantly help convert visiting users into customers!



What we mean by Readability:

When Search Engines crawl your site, they automatically score your content on READABILITY. We use powerful tools to analyse your content using the factors below and optimise it to ensure you get the maximum score possible.

  • sentence length
  • paragraph length
  • presence and distribution of subheadings
  • presence of passive voice
  • presence of transition words
  • Flesch reading ease formula (What is Flesch Reading Ease?)



We are here to help you promote your business!

As you can see in our portfolio we provide a diverse set of services that suit the client and the industry their business is in.