Social SEO: the Garden Approachfruit tree social seo

Utilizing strong web design skills and in-depth SEO techniques we can offer your business everything it needs to establish itself in the online world.

Great shareable content coupled with an understanding of your audience, maximises the effectiveness of the efforts made towards
promoting your business


Although your business is entering an ever-expanding digital market, we like to use the analogy of a GARDEN to describe the ethos we use in promoting your business.

Specific SEO Services:

  • Initial Site Survey
  • In-depth Keyword Analysis and Strategy
  • Competition Analysis
  • Cost per Click Ads Management
  • Site Statistics/Analytics Reporting and Advice
  • International Targeting
  • Backlink Building and Advice
  • In-page Optimisation
  • Site Performance

Imagine for a moment your website & business are fruit bearing plants and the market they are in your garden…

Step 1. Preparing the soil and planting the seedsapple-tree
First we make sure the environment we will plant the seeds in is correct for the plant. A complete market and competitor analysis give us the ability to identify where and how your business will succeed within the environment around it. No need to take chances with your marketing budget ever again!

Step 2. Maintaining and Watering
Now that the hard work is done. It’s simply a case of maintaining. With the knowledge of what results we are expecting, we can cost effectively keep your garden flourishing throughout the year. Our in depth reports every month allow us to keep an eye ou
t for pests and also identify potential problems before they occur.  Long-term strategy and consistent measurable results allow you to plan and run your business to its optimum.

Step 3. Harvest
This step is for you to enjoy! Pluck and enjoy the fruits of our labour!


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Our portfolio spans many different business sizes and industries. We understand that every business is different and the strategy we use is always tailored to suit the client. We are proud of the results we have achieved so far and look forward to supplying you with the same!